Recent: Education of Dyslexics in Asia Pacific Region

Symposium 1


October 21st (Saturday) 10:00~12:00

Symposium 1: Recent trend: Education of Dyslexics in Asia Pacific Region




Purpose of the plan and introduction of presenters

(Chair:Masayoshi Tsuge)


10:05 -(20min)

Key report from Japan(Eiko Todo)


10:25 - (15 min)

Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO, ACCU(Youko Wakayama)


10:40 -(15min)

Bhutan(Machiko Hosoda)Seisa University
10:55 -(15min Thailand(Piyanart Maneerattanoyol)
  Thai Association to encourage the potential of persons with learning disabilities

11:10 -(15min)

India(Dhandapani Chandrasekharan)Madras Dyslexia Association

11:25 -(15min) 

Vietnam (Bui The Hop) Hanoi National University of Education
11:40 -(15min) Commentator:Singapore(June Siew)Dyslexia Association of Singapore
11:55 Summary and acknowledgement(Masayoshi Tsuge)





Purpose of Plan (English TranslationMasayoshi Tsuge

Dyslexia is a disability that has high incidence in any country. As it is difficult to be detected from appearance compared to other disabilities, exceptional care should be taken in raising awareness, instruction and support methods, and educational policies. Education of dyslexia holds a very important position in education of children with disabilities in Asia Pacific region. Sharing the situation of progress in other countries and investigation into further advancement of education of dyslexia based on the findings is becoming indispensable and urgent issue. In this symposium, panels from various countries will introduce most recent trend of education to clarify where we have reached in education of dyslexia in Asia Pacific region. We aim at future prospects by sharing the challenges and solutions of the countries.

Visitors: 20,250